Zhuhai International Exhibition Center (Phase-I) has an overground floor area of about 60,000 ㎡ and a net indoor exhibition area of 30,000 ㎡. It is divided into six exhibition halls with about 1,600 standard booths whose floors were painted with epoxy floor coating. Halls No.1-4 have 280 high load-bearing suspension points, Hall 5 and Hall 6 are equipped with luxury ceilings, and all the halls are connected. With a long-span astylar structure, it is suitable for professional exhibitions and activities of all kinds.
  • A net exhibition area of 30,000㎡
  • exhibition halls 6 indoor
  • Clear heights of 10-23 meters
  • The maximum load-bearing capacity of suspension points of halls No.1 to 4:10KN
  • Exhibitions halls withlong-span astylar
Large span pillarless exhibition hall
The Exhibition Center (phase I) has an indoor exhibition space of 300000 square meters, which can be divided into independent exhibition halls of about 5000-30000 square meters, and can provide a maximum of 20000 square meters of pillarless exhibition area. The minimum net height of the pillarless exhibition hall is 14 meters and the span is 99 meters;